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20 lbs X-Safe Resistance Band w/ FREE Shipping


Yes4All X-Safe (patent pending) Resistance Band is simply the best & safest resistance band on the market. The set comes with one 20 lbs resistance band with 2 handles & one door anchor that allows you to do over 50-top gym exercise within a limited space

42" XSP Chin Up Bar, 45 lbs X-Safe Resistance Band Set, Yoga Mat


Yes4All best deluxe Chin Up Bar & 45lbs X-Safe 4-Resistance-Band set, and Yoga Mat combo - the ultimate training tool set that strengthens & develops your entire body including chest, shoulders, back, arms, and legs. The set is backed with the best WR!

Deluxe 42" XSP Mount Chin Up Bar - Blue w/ FREE Shipping


SIMPLY THE TOUGHEST CHIN UP BAR ON THE MARKET - Longest (42"), thickest (1.6 mm), heaviest (11 lbs). This chin up bar is good for upper body training including back, chest, arm, and shoulder.

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